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Invictus understands that nothing comes without great effort.

We choose to secure great outcomes through a disciplined, metric driven methodology. Invictus increases your revenue by continuously developing a forecastable, high-quality pipeline. We become part of our clients’ fabric through:



We start by learning your organization and how it operates; why you do what you do, and how you do it differently. Invictus will perform a process review and map or remap portions of your current business development process to optimize the results of our effort. Next, our representatives are indoctrinated and trained into the culture of your organization, assimilating them as an extension of your organization and enabling them to fluently communicate and understand your business.


As an Invictus client-partner, you will always have access to current and historical core metrics on our work for your organization. Your managed Invictus team will not go live until you are completely satisfied with the quality of their representation. All prospect interactions, verbal and written, are captured and available to you at any point in time.


Invictus leadership is accountable for the ongoing success of your Invictus business development team and will lead weekly pipeline reports and strategy sessions with your organization’s designee. The Invictus business development methodology hinges on thorough and ongoing training, with a focus on tracking and exceeding metrics based goals. Expectations are clearly managed between our client-partners and their Invictus team members.


The Invictus methodology and philosophy is one punctuated with a concise, direct voice that speaks from a position of authority. The value to client-partners is they enjoy a fresh innovative perspective that may deviate from standard corporate approach. Experience has shown us that unorthodox practices in business development often produce the best results.


The Invictus backbone is comprised of a sales operations suite of tools and trained professionals. Our team is empowered with best-in-class CRM, and multiple sales enablement, lead aggregation, lead cleansing, and development solutions, along with communication systems that enable detailed tracking and metrics to increase the success rate of your Invictus team-members.

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