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Solutions for Modern Business


Invictus provides complete business development services to discerning organizations that want to manage higher revenue, not higher headcount.

Our disciplined, metric driven methodology drives revenue by continuously developing a forecastable, high-quality pipeline, enabling your best deal makers to remain focused on their core competency of closing transactions.

Core sectors of our expertise are professional services, middle-market M&A and technology.

Business Meeting


Invictus introduces new, well-qualified business opportunities to your organization while nurturing and building long-term relationships with prospects who aren’t yet qualified.

M&A deal makers struggle with developing new business outside of their referral networks and inbound leads. When these channels are exhausted and the only option is to pick up the phone, most fall short.


Invictus offers the energy level, aggressiveness, and speed that is required to keep your pipeline full when reaching out to cold leads. We operate with a focus on three core pillars:

The average weighted cost for a Senior Business Development role in the United States is around $125,000 per year.


Invictus provides much more affordable solutions that also eliminate additional costs including management, HR, payroll, sales enablement, and operations tools.



With Invictus, a steady flow of leads, BDR pipeline meetings, performance reviews, and ongoing training are no longer your concerns.

When launched, you will have
instant and real-time insight into every KPI relating to your team and campaigns.


Your deal makers are responsible for focusing on revenue and need to rely on consistent business development efforts to provide a stream of opportunities. Your firm
will have enough data after 90-days to determine whether we’ve found a scalable, long-term solution
to your business development

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